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Ant Control

Ant Control in the Temecula Valley

Ant control is one of the most troublesome issues for homeowners in the Temecula Valley. Ants often enter homes in search of food, water, and other resources that they would otherwise forage for outside. Once ants discover a way to enter your home and find the resources available for them inside, they will inevitably spread the word and more ants will soon be on their way. They can appear in no time, but getting rid of them won’t always be so easy without the right tools and professional assistance.

Ant Control Temecula Valley

Homeowners often attempt to solve an ant problem on their own with a store-bought ants control solution. These include sprays, liquids, bates, stakes, and other do-it-yourself solutions. These products rarely work in the long run, though, because ants are so good at sidestepping any obstacles in their path. A typical ant colony will include thousands of individual ants, and a large colony might even have millions of ants in its ranks. This is why homeowners in the Temecula Valley are better off getting professional help when ants strike. Not all pest control companies are the same, though. Only Atlas Pest Management offers a three-layer approach that is guaranteed to keep your home ant-free.

Atlas Pest Management will quickly and effectively solve your problem and get your home back to normal. We start by treating the structure’s base for the first layer, but we don’t stop there. Our trained technicians go on to treat other possible nesting areas, planter beds, and tree bases to eliminate outside ant populations and keep new colonies from setting up shop. Then we focus our third and final layer of treatment on the obvious ant foraging areas outside of your house.

We don’t only provide the traditional range of ant control options. We also offer organic ant control solutions that are kinder to the environment and safer for pets. Our full range of traditional and organic solutions are available. We offer a full range of standard and natural ant control solutions to ensure that we every customer’s needs are met every time.

Are you having problems with ants in and around your home? Call us today at (951) 961-3549 to speak with one of our friendly representatives, or simply schedule your appointment online. “No Excuses, Only Results” is our motto – and we remember this mantra with every customer we serve.