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Rodent Control

Rodent Control Temecula Valley

Rodents, rats, and mice can infest homes and commercial buildings and tend to set up their nesting sites not only in the home or building, but also in other areas such as: car engine compartments, boats and RVs. They chew on and through wire, ducting, pipes and insulation, which can lead to hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, of damage to your home, building or vehicle. 

We will not only remove the rodent problem from your home or building in the Temecula Valley, but also we will locate the areas in which they are entering from and seal them off to give you a long term rodent control solution on the interior of your home or building.

Long term rodent control programs are available to keep the populations down around your home and around vehicles that are stored outside.  Each long term control program is customized to suit each customers’ situation.  Rodent control methods can include baiting (which usually is most cost effective) or trapping on a regular basis.

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